Red Illuminated AC Switch for PRC Cases

Pre-wired AC Switch addon for PRC Cases

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This illuminated switch is a upgrade that lets you easily add a on/off power switch to your PRC Charging case.

Designed for a 25mm (0.984") hole, just pass the pre-wired switch and wires through the hole and press the switch into place.

With a rating of 16A and 250VAC this switch can handle our largest power supplies.

Wiring the switch is as easy: First, making sure there is no AC power plugged in to the case, disconnect and remove the black line wire in your case, with one quick disconnect at the AC adapter, and one ring terminal on the power supply. Now simply connect the black wire with the quick disconnect from the switch cabling where you removed the wire from the AC adapter, and connect the black and white wires with spade connectors to the Line (black wire) and Neutral (white wire) AC terminals on your power supply, and you are done!

Depending on the thickness of material you may need to clip down the tabs to length.

This product is compatible with our HD AC Adapters. If using a standard AC adapter, you will need to replace the crimp connector with a smaller 0.187" QD


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