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XT60 Connectors

XT60 Connectors

Product Review (submitted on October 9, 2014):
I'm a recovering Deans user. :) During the past year I've standardized on these XT60 connectors--batteries, ESCs, wattmeter, charger cable, etc--and have to say they are much better than Deans overall.

Compared to Deans, the XT60s are easier to solder, come apart easier, and safely carry more current. Also, the connection surfaces are fully enclosed, greatly reducing the possibility of short circuits.

In my experience, about one pair in every three is "stickier" than the other pairs, although they become easier to separate with use, and can be smoothed with a bit of graphite too.

While soldering, be sure to join the male and female connectors to prevent any softening of the yellow plastic. I've been able to solder up to 10 gauge wire to them with no issues. The curved/cupped solder points make soldering faster/easier than Deans.

The only real downside to these connectors is that they are still less common than Deans, so if you forget your charger and want to use a friend's charger at the flying field you'll need to have a Deans-to-XT60 adapter.