Series Traxxas Adapter

  • Adapter for connecting two Traxxas batteries in series

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Series Traxxas Adapter

Our cables are constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure that you get the best connection possible every time.

This small adapter cable allows you to connect two batteries with Traxxas charge leads in series for charging or discharging.


  • Input Connectors: 2 Male Traxxas
  • Output Connector: Female Traxxas
  • Wire Type: 16 AWG Silicone
  • Length: 3" per connection


Customer Reviews (2)

This is the correct way to charge 2 lipo'sReview by CJ
Parallel charging is NOT the correct way to charge multiple lipo batteries. The charger can not "see" all of the cells. This series adapter is the ticket, and is the correct way to charge 2 lipo's at the same time. I use this in conjunction with an iCharger 206b and the balance board ProgressiveRC includes with the bundle, and it works great!

I put 4 stars for quality, as the charger and batteries use a mucher thicker gauge wire than this adapter (usually 10 or 12 gauge) vs this adapter's 16 gauge, but it seems to work fine.

ProgressiveRC Comment: We generally recommend charging packs in parallel rather than in series, for simplicity and suitability over a wider range of conditions. We generally only advise charging in series for identical packs, purchased together, that are used in series.

Also note that we have a 12AWG version available for the Traxxas series adapter as an option if you prefer a heavier gauge. Happy flying :)! (Posted on 4/16/2012)
traxxas series connectorReview by darin johnson
very good price on this series adaptor with traxxas connectors. did have one pin/contact that kept sliding out of one esc side connector. glued it in, all is good. couldnt make this myself for this price (Posted on 11/6/2011)

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