Spektrum DXe DSMX Transmitter

The DXe combines the versatility of a programmable transmitter with the simplicity of a basic sport radio, giving pilots a better choice when it comes to flying on a budget.

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If you've ever managed a music library on your PC or smart phone, you can program the DXe. All you need is the free Spektrum programming app or software and a Spektrum programming cable (sold separately). Using this interface you can create and save basic model setups with different settings for:

  • Servo Reversing
  • Stick Configuration: Modes 1-4
  • Wing Type: Normal or Delta/Elevon
  • Expo: On or Off

You can also use the interface to upload pre-programmed setups for Bind-N-Fly® aircraft.

For advanced programming features such as stick configuration, wing type selection, expo on/off function, model setup import and many more, the Spektrum programming cable (SPMA3081-Mobile, SPMA3065- PC) is required. Basic programming features such as servo reversing and trim adjust can be used without the programming cable.

Once saved to your PC or mobile device, you can upload the setup for a specific model to the DXe with a simple point and click.

More than Meets the Eye 

While the DXe looks and functions like a basic 6-channel transmitter out of the box, it gives pilots the control functions they need to fly a wide variety of Bind-N-Fly aircraft using pre-programmed setups. Functions include:

  • Four Control Surface Channels
  • 3-Position Flap Switch
  • 2-Position Auxiliary Function Switch
  • 3-Position Flight Mode Switch for AS3X/SAFE-Equipped Aircraft 
  • Bind/Panic/Return Home Button for SAFE-Equipped Aircraft



Number of Channels 6 or 9
Stick Mode User Selectable Mode 1-4


Customer Reviews (2)

Best support since indoor flush toilets!Review by Mack
I am blown away with the patience, knowledge, and customer service that the folks at Progressive RC provide.No matter how much you think you know or understand what you are doing, each time I call with and order, request for advice, or wild ass guess as to what I think I need - they come through with the best solution. Usually it includes reductions of sale that I really either don't need, or don't understand how things work, or they provide me with a less expensive way of doing what needs to be accomplished. I have ordered from Progressive RC several times now, and will continue to do so in the future. Other than the actual aircraft platforms I fly, I will be going to them for all of my electronic needs.
There services are very much appreciated - personalities as well! Mack Patterson (Posted on 1/25/2019)
Great product.Review by Ghost
I love it! For an entry type this is great! Also, I am not a pro nor do I plan to be. This product works perfect with my 250 and 270 mini quads. I purchased the lemon-rc 8 ch receiver and it works great! Sometimes simplicity is the best. Over complicating things can get you into lots of trouble and endless hours of adjustments. (Posted on 3/6/2017)

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