TBS Stardust SB5 Pro Quad Frame

The TBS Stardust SB5 Race edition takes frame engineering to the next level, with zero compromise to finish and quality. Molded by hand, built with respect to the material's properties

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When cutting frames out of flat plates is not enough! Each Stardust SB5 is molded by hand, starting with raw carbon fibers. With this process the material reaches unparalleled stiffness, which translates to superior flight performance, resilience to vibrations and insane robustness in crashes. This is the next step in race frame design!

This is a involved build. It does not include motor mounting screws, or stack screws. It's a tight fit, but most standard 4-in-1 ESCs will fit. We strongly suggest the use of mounting boards for your VTX and receiver. Cameras should be micro size.

The Pro version pays tribute to the material and the sheer beauty of carbon fibers. While the structural integrity is the same as the Race version, there are several finishing steps involved to make this frame look like an absolute beauty. Paired with titanium screws for ultimate weight savings, this frame will not only win you races, but it will win your heart.



Fuselage Thickness 4.6mm
Dimensions 200mm motor-to-motor
Net Weight 65g


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