PRC Professional Series: "The Titan 6000" Mobile Charging Platform

Rugged, reliable, and ready to go - the Titan 6000 is a full featured impact resistant 6000W charging station for the most critical applications

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1 x SKB 4U Roto Shock Rack Case   (Very Low Stock)   +$505.96
4 x FMA PowerLab 8 v2   (In Stock)   +$952.36
1 x FMA Bump Controller   (Low Stock)   +$148.61
3 x Mean Well RCP-2000-24   +$1,086.33
1 x Mean Well RKP-1UT   +$272.82
1 x 2U Charger Chassis for Shock Case   (Very Low Stock)   +$143.84
1 x Aluminum panel set for PRC Shock Case   +$99.20
1 x Penn Elcom 1U Sliding Rack Drawer with Slam Locks   +$99.20
4 x Banana Plug Binding Post for PRC Cases   (Excellent Stock)   +$15.84
4 x 90 Degree Power Supply to Banana Plug Binding Post Cable   (Excellent Stock)   +$23.76
2 x PRC 90 Degree Banana Plug Extension   (Out of Stock)   +$11.88
4 x 8S FMA Adapter Cable for Modular Balance Board   (Excellent Stock)   +$9.88
1 x Balance Extensions 8S JST-XH (2 each)   (Good Stock)   +$4.95
2 x Parallel (6x) EC5 Charge Cable   (Low Stock)   +$29.74
4 x JR Male-to-Male for FMA PowerLab Expansion Mode   (Good Stock)   +$7.88
2 x JR/Hitec Universal Servo Extension   (Good Stock)   +$3.94
4 x 60mm Fan for PRC Cases - 24V   (Good Stock)   +$39.64
1 x Fan Plate for Shock Case   (Very Low Stock)   +$148.81
1 x High Voltage 12V 3A DC-DC Step-Down Voltage Regulator   (Excellent Stock)   +$16.86
3 x Heavy Duty AC Adapter for PRC Cases   (Excellent Stock)   +$14.85
3 x Heavy Duty AC Rocker Switch for PRC Cases   +$17.82
3 x Power Supply to AC Adapter Cable for PRC Cases   (Excellent Stock)   +$14.85
3 x Heavy Duty AC Power Cable - 6 Feet   (In Stock)   +$26.76
3 x Fastener Strap for PRC Cases - PRC Heavy Duty   (Excellent Stock)   +$7.41
1 x Assembly, Installation & Testing   (Excellent Stock)   +$357.16



ProgressiveRC is proud to introduce the Titan 6000, the culmination of a decade spent at the cutting edge of portable battery charging. Unprecedented power, reliability, and strength combine to make this the essential keystone of any professional battery charging operation.

Whether your application is cinematography, agriculture, industry, or military, there's no room for error when it's time to deploy. That's why the Titan 6000 uses only the highest quality components available, so that you have one less thing to worry about. It will be ready to go anytime and every time, whenever you need it.

The backbone of the Titan 6000 is the SKB Shock Rack case. Known throughout the world for their strength and durability, SKB cases are second to none. The rugged exterior shell provides a safe haven for the sensitive electronics inside. Massive shock absorbers at every corner protect the built-in rack mount system from even the hardest impacts, ensuring that wherever and however you travel, the Titan 6000 will be ready to work when you get there.

Power comes from three hot-swappable 2000W power supplies from Mean Well, the industry leader for over 30 years. Ready for universal AC input, these units need no modification for use wherever you travel in the world. Separately switched AC inputs make it easy to take advantage of whatever power level you have available on site, from 2000 up to the full 6000W.

The core of any charging platform will always be the chargers themselves, and when failure is not an option the obvious choice is the PowerLab workstation from FMA/Revolectrix. Designed in the USA with safety and reliability in mind from the start, the PowerLab chargers have enjoyed a spotless reputation throughout their existence. The Titan 6000 arrays four PowerLab 8 v2 chargers in concert with the innovative Bump Controller, a touchscreen - and Bluetooth ready - control interface that recognizes your batteries via compatible RFID tags to make charging and data logging as seamless as possible.

Front-facing Charger Interface Panels provide easy and flexible hookups for your batteries. Each panel has separate balance ports for 2S-8S, a main charge connector of your choice, and a 4mm banana jack for connecting adapter cables.

Ventilation is key for any high-power system; there are three separate airflow systems in the case to make certain that the Titan 6000 can withstand even the highest operating temperatures. The power supplies are self-cooled, our custom charger chassis sports four 60mm exhaust fans, and to ensure full air recycling throughout the case there is a dedicated fan plate and temperature monitor mounted on the rear of the rack.

Completing the package is the pull-out drawer between the chargers and power supplies. The perfect place to store your AC power cords and other accessories during transit, the drawer also serves as a platform for your batteries during charging.

Every Titan 6000 is built to order, with the skill and attention to detail of experienced machinists and engineers. This individual approach lets us take the time to make sure that every case is perfect before it leaves our shop, as well as giving us the freedom to add personal touches like laser engraving your logo on the front panel. Are you ready to see what that looks like?



Maximum Charge Power5376W (1344W per channel)
Charge Current Range0.01-40A per channel
Discharge Current Range0.01-40A per channel
Input Voltage90-264V AC
Output Power (110 VAC)4320W
Output Power (220 VAC)6000W
Maximum Discharge100W per channel
Current Drain For Balancing1A
Balance Accuracy6mV
NiCd/NiMh Cell Count1-21S
Pb Battery Cell Count3-12S
Intelligent Temperature ControlYes
PC ConnectivityBluetooth
Assembled Weightapprox. 90lbs


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