ToolPAC ES121 Motion Sensing Smart Screwdriver

Smart electric screwdriver follows the motion of your hand

9 available




This motion sensing screwdriver will change your conception of what tools can be. A motion sensor is built in the screwdriver making it so that the ES121 can alter the turning direction just by the direction your hand is turning to. And in auto mode, you can adjust the speed by the angle of your hand is turning.

ES121 is the newest upgraded version of the Smart Screwdriver. With powerful functions and stylish design as its predecessor, ES121 is equipped with 1:64 reduction gear motor, which can provide up to 380 RPM no-load speed (compared to 170 RPM for the ES120).

The slim and light pen-style design combined with high quality stainless steel construction makes the ES121 convenient to carry and a pleasure to use. The built-in OLED screen dynamically displays whether the screw has been tightened or loosened, while you can easily choose the speed or select auto mode with the button interface.

The kit includes 16 of the most common screwdriver bits so that you'll be ready for any challenge.


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