XHover R5HD FPV Racing Quad for Connex

High quality race frame designed specifically for the Connex ProSight

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The R5HD is a simple elegant quadcopter that has been designed to carry the Connex ProSight FPV system. Featuring a forward sweep design that is preferred by top racing FPV pilots. Made to be painless to work on and repair. It is manufactured out of high quality 3K twill carbon fiber. The Xhover R5HD swings a max prop size of 5". The R5HD features a press nut system, allowing effortless removal of arms and uncomplicated repairs. In addition, the R5HD consist of 2 M3 screws which permits less of a hassle when removing the arms. Fortunately, this quad copter does not require any other tools. Its unique PDB/FC mounting design allows the convenience of removing all the arms and bottom plate without removing the PDB/FC from the quad copter entirely. It’s a quadcopter you will enjoy working on.

Racing drones are intended to be fast and crash hard! You have limited time for repairs when you’re out their racing! Lets face it, time on the field is valuable and with the convenience of only needing an M3 driver to replace parts, your focus can stay on flying.

Mounting a Connex camera on this frame is also made easy and simple. This quadcopter features a flexible camera mount that holds the FPV camera tight and snug, ensuring your camera won't tilt down or up while racing. The camera mounting system allows you to get a max 45 degree angle providing you great flying for freestyle and racing.

This frame comes with a custom designed PDB with 5/12V output built in and Max input 6S (22.2V). It is important to note that some components require 5V or 12V with this PDB. There should be no issues powering small components requiring 5/12V output. The R5HD is designed to have tabs extend outside of the FC to make soldering your ESCs easier and replacing them without having to remove the flight controller.


  • R5HD Air Frame
  • High quality hardware
  • Connex camera mount
  • Connex antenna mounting hardware
  • XHover simple PDB board with 5V/12V step-down
  • PDB/FC mounting hardware
  • Battery strap
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