Finding the right gift can be an intimidating challenge, especially in a hobby as confusing as the RC world can be. That's where our gift guide comes in! We've scoured our catalog and come up with some hidden gems - there's something for every skill level here, from hopeful novice to seasoned pro.

EMAX Tinyhawk III Plus HD RTF Indoor Racing Quad $499.99

Do you know someone who would LOVE drone racing, but they don't have any idea where to start? This Ready to Fly Drone Racing Kit has every single thing you need to get started! This kit features a micro-class drone that they can race at events all winter, plus the goggles and remote featuring the same system the pros use!

SpeedyBee F405 Wing APP Flight Controller $39.99

What do you buy for someone that has every drone? Electronics for a a drone airplane! This flight controller is specifically designed for planes of all shapes and sizes, and allows them to get all the functionality of a drone on an RC plane - opening up whole new possibilities of flight!

iFlight Chimera9 BNF $538.99

There are a lot of drones that will bring the WOW factor when received as a gift, but very, very few as much as the Chimera9! There just aren't that many drones this size that cost less than a couple thousand dollars. It's hard to believe that when paired with the right battery, this $540 drone will fly for over an hour!

PRC Signature Series Hardline 456/458Duo 2000W Combo $1019.99

Some people seem to have every RC toy there is, which means a lot of batteries. Getting them a top of the line charging system can be one of the biggest upgrades to any RC enthusiast. They'll spend less time charging batteries since the charger is so powerful, and with features that get batteries to storage voltage quickly AND check on their health, it will save them money and keep their RC gear safer.

iFlight FPV Backpack $179.99

Having everything in its right place can be key to making the most of a day out in the field. With this purpose designed backpack's many useful storage solutions, equipment is always easy to hand, meaning less downtime and more funtime!


Stocking Stuffers

Digital Multimeter $10.99

A must-have for anyone getting into an electronics hobby!

iFlight Blitz Practice Solder Board $1.99

RC (especially RC flight) is above all a building and fixing hobby - this little board is perfect for practicing solder joints stress-free!

FlyFishRC Microfiber Leather Battery Straps $4.99

Drone pilots can never have enough battery straps - this multi-pack will keep the batteries snug and secure.

PRC One-Way Bearing Quad Wrench $4.99

This handy tool makes changing props a piece of cake!

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