Chargery S1500 Power Supply

SKU: PS-CS1500
Solidly built and high-powered, this power supply provides up to 1500W output with adjustable voltage from 10-30V DC

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High-powered and hobby ready, with three sets of banana plug jacks and one high-current XT90 output, the S1500 is ready to power up anything you can throw at it.

An input voltage range of 90-265V makes it ready for worldwide use with no modification needed, and the DC output is just as flexible: simply turn the dial to adjust the voltage to suit your setup - digital readouts give you an instant look at your output voltage and current.

Active power factor correction and a robust frame makes this a great power supply to take to the field and use with a generator.



Output Power (110 VAC) 1500W
Output Power (220 VAC) 1500W
Output Voltage 10-30V DC
Output Current 60A
Input Voltage 90-265V AC
Power Factor Correction >0.98
AC Power Cord Included
Dimensions 252x145x68mm
Weight 2300g
Warranty 2 years
AC Cable Included


Customer Reviews (2)

SolidReview by David
Matching a power supply to a PL8 v2 and all the power lab supplies were sold out across the internet. Chose this unit and have been very impressed. Can turn it on and off. Fans only come on when unit gets warm enough. Fan noise is less than others at the field. Have had compliments from other pilots. Unit appearance is finished and clean unlike other supplies available. Price was on par with comparable units. No complaints. (Posted on 8/21/2017)
Excellent value and quality-Review by pman9003
I bought a S1500 V2.0 from PRC in December 2015 to power my 308DUO. Since then I have had absolutely zero issues with it. Its performed flawlessly. Its a solid unit and everything looks well designed and executed. For the price, you will have a hard time finding something better. I would not hesitate to buy another or recommend it to friends (which I have and still do)

A few minor things to be aware, no of these are bad things or deal breakers in my opinion.
1) It doesn't have an On/Off switch on the unit that completely shuts it off, not big deal, you just have to unplug it from the wall.
2) Make sure you push the power cord in all the way, otherwise it will come out halfway through your charge cycle....I learned this the hard way. Not the fault of the power supply. Also make sure you use the cord that it comes with. This thing can pull some serious current on 120VAC and a lesser cord will not handle it.
3) The fans only run when it reaches a certain temperature. This is nice because some of the time its silent, depending on load. However, it also means that the fans will run for about 10 seconds, turn off and then start up again maybe a minute later under certain conditions. It can get annoying, but if you are really pushing it, the fans just stay on.
4) Regarding temperature, the unit does display the an internal temperature reading, however the reading it displays is not the same reading that controls the fans. I had to check this with the manufacturer, because despite being odd, it is how the unit is designed to operate.

Lastly, PRC is an excellent vendor to deal with. (Posted on 3/19/2017)

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