KBDD 500 Size Paddles


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  • Upgrade your heli with these professional grade paddles from KBDD

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KBDD 500 Size Paddles



KBDD has done something extraordinary. With most paddles you had to decide if you wanted stability or quickness. KBDD designed their paddles to be very stable. In fast forward flight the paddles remain true and level until YOU move the sticks. Amazingly they were also able to design additional quickness for the most aggressive 3D maneuvers. The added stability actually helps the 3D maneuvers as the helicopter is doing only what you want it to. No more fighting the helicopter while learning your next difficult 3D maneuver.

All paddles sets are weight matched. Available in multiple colors, to match your heli and increase its visibility. Besides that, they look cool! These paddles can be mixed and matched as all 500 paddles weigh the same. Try mixing colors for a unique look!



  • Weight:
  • Length:
  • Color: Yellow, Orange, Green, Black
  • Intended Model: 500 size Helis
  • Flybar: 2.5 or 3mm


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