Mounting Strips for PRC Cases


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  • Use the rough-side mounting strips to attach your power supplies, chargers, or any other gear to the lining of your PRC Hardline Case. Use the soft-side strips to enable stacking configuration. Priced per foot.

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Mounting Strips for PRC Cases

These platinum mounting strips are the perfect accessory for your PRC Hardline Case. The rough-sided strips are ideal for mounting your gear to the lining of the case, while the soft-sided strips, when applied to your power supply, let you stack your charger or other items on top of each other. Pricing is per foot.


  • Cut rounded corners on your strips to minimize chances of material peeling away from surface
  • Apply firm even pressure when adhering strips to intended surface
  • For maximum adhesive strength, allow 24 hour curing time after applying

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