BetaFPV HumQuad HX100

Innovative toothpick style micro quad is great for indoor or outdoor flight!

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Introducing the HX100 - a revolutionary pocket-size FPV racing drone suitable for indoor and outdoor flight. Take it to play at home or explore the big world outdoors.

It's the first generation carbon fiber kit by BetaFPV without ducted props so although it's not designed for novice pilots, the HX100 is much more responsive and quick without the ducting around the motors.

The HX100 comes with a high performance F4 all-in-one FC & ESC board which is capable of handling LiPos up to 4S, but this quad really shines on 3S packs, with a great balance of weight and punch for awesome flight performance.

Two different types of props are included so you can choose which flight profile you like best: 48mm quad-blades for use with 3S packs, and 65mm two-blade props for running 2S setups.

The FPV system won't let you down - RunCam's new Nano 2 camera provides an unbeatable image quality for the size, while the 200mW VTX ensures that your signal is always clear, even flying indoors.



Dimensions 100mm motor-to-motor
Net Weight 42.5g


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