CellMeter 8

  • Monitor cell voltages with high accuracy on 1S-8S packs

50+ available




Maintain accurate monitoring and measurement of your battery's voltage with this accurate tool. The simple, easy to use interface on the CellMeter's large, easy to read backlit LCD screen lets you view individual cell voltages to a precision of three decimal places. This meter can work with a 1S-8S battery, and it also features balancing, discharge, and servo testing functions as well, making this a must have tool for every hobbyist!

Please note that to check a battery with voltage less than 6V, such as a 1S LiPo, an additional source of power must be provided, such as any 2S-8S LiPo connected to the balance port.

NOTE: Color of meter may vary from picture.


Customer Reviews (3)

Awesome part!Review by Cherry Bomb
Love it! (Posted on 5/24/2019)
Cellmeter 8Review by Beefcake
Works as advertised. Received it quickly ( I'm in Ontario Canada). Very happy with purchase. (Posted on 4/27/2018)
The electronic Swiss Army Knife for RC!Review by Scott Marshall
At the core of this Electronic 'Swiss Army Knife' is a 'next level' battery checker.

The Cellmeter-8 takes the $2 LED Lipo pocket checker/alarm most of us are familiar with and goes so much further.

Yes, it does add a bit of complication, but it is well worth taking the few minutes to learn your way around in it's easy to use menu system. Once familiar with it, it's just as easy to take a 10 second reading on your battery as with the old one trick pony, but you don't have to stop there, or with your flight battery.

It gives a percentage charge indication, which is nice (fast), as well as cell by cell levels and has settings for all the popular RC battery chemistries -- and even auto-detects them much of the time.

Another added function is the direct display of cell inbalance showing max and min cells at a glance. It can balance (albeit slowly - 90ma max) using your basic resistor balance system in the event you don't have a modern charger at hand. While this isn't a commonly needed function these days, the built in servo tester sure is!

Powered by any handy battery, the programmable servo tester displays actual pulsewidth in microseconds and is great for setting up control surfaces or running up ESCs to test them. It has preset center (1500us), manually adjustable and sweep output settings and it even has adjustable pulse freq for digital servos and ESCs.

It is indeed an electronic Swiss Army Knife for the RC pilot.

Keep one in your pocket anytime you build or fly!
(Posted on 10/28/2017)

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