Armattan Badger 6-inch FPV Freestyle Quad Frame
Armattan Badger 6-inch FPV Freestyle Quad Frame
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Armattan Badger 6-inch FPV Freestyle Quad Frame

The humble badger takes flight! Removable arms get the Armattan treatment on this breakthrough quad frame
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The humble badger is the namesake of Armattan's newest flagship. With a design based off of the Marmotte frame, the Badger updates it with removable arms: carefully designed to ensure a rock-solid construction.

This is the newest revision of Armattan's titanium cage; the same as on the Marmotte. And just in case you haven't heard what the perks of this cage are compared to any other, we'll run through them quickly here:
- Independent HD camera tilt means there's no need to deal with foam wedges for the front or back of your recording camera. - A wide range of FPV cam tilt options. From 10 degrees to way too much. - 1mm FPV-cam savers: these are designed to bend so your camera won't break. - A minimized weight due to a state of the art, 6-axis milling process.
And the best part? All of these perks come on top of the firm mount and incredible protection that you've come to expect from an Armattan product.

Since having removable arms is the major draw for this release, we wanted to specifically mention how they work. The arms mount up with two bolts and two sunk-nuts each. The sunk-nuts go straight into the 4mm baseplate, so there's no need to worry about delamination. When installed, the arms meet in the center of the baseplate, further locking down the construction. Armattan are providing you with a remarkably solid, precise product, and we know that you will have full confidence in this frame.

This frame comes with tons of other bells and whistles. As you've come to expect, an extended-aluminum rear provides a protected mount for your VTX antenna no matter whether you use a TBS, SMA, or U.FL style connector. The frame maintains compatibility with 5.5 inch props for those of you who like to ride the line, and the long body means you can more easily fit an HD camera and a bigger lipo, even with high cam tilt. The FC can mount up on either the 30.5mm or 20mm options, and there are even 20mm rear provisions as well for a VTX or any other board.

Add the differences in carbon and the extra hardware, and you're probably expecting this frame to be considerably heavier than the fixed arm version (the Marmotte). Well due to our experience in design and some clever optimization, we've kept the difference down to 15g. You can thank us later. And of course everything comes with full warranty protection. Cage. Carbon. Everything.

What's Included

2x Camera-cage brackets
2x Camera-cage anchors

10x 4mm M3 iron bolts
14x 6mm M3 12.9 grade steel bolts
8x 8mm M3 12.9 grade steel bolts
10x 10mm M3 12.9 grade steel bolts
12x Sunknuts
4x 16mm M3 iron bolts
6x 2.5mm M2 cuphead iron bolts

1x 23mm front standoff
2x tail posts
2x camera savers

4x 6mm M3 standoffs
4x nuts
2x M6 nylon washers

Carbon Fiber:
1x 2mm Top (LiPo) plate
1x 1.5mm HD Cam plate
1x 4mm Main plate
2x Antenna mount plates (TBS and SMA)

Other: 1x Lipo strap
1x LiPo foam pad
1x HD camera foam pad
4x Dog-bone landing pads
1x Antenna mount
1x SMA grommet
1x Diamond-coated steel file
1x Build instructions

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Fuselage Thickness 4mm
Arm Thickness 4mm

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