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2S Batteries

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  • Tattu 2S 450mAh 95C LiHV (XT30)

    This high-volt pack is perfect for brushless whoop racing Learn More

    16 available

  • Tattu 2S 2500mAh LiPo for FatShark Goggles

    1 Review(s)
    Replacement high-capacity LiPo battery for FPV goggles Learn More

    15 available

  • EMAX 2S 300mAh 50C LiHV

    Battery designed specifically for the EMAX Tinyhawk II Learn More

    20 available

  • Gens Ace 2S 800mAh 40C

    2 Review(s)
    High quality 2S LiPo battery pack provides 800mAh at a maximum discharge rate of 40C, chargeable at up to 2C Learn More

    4 available

  • BetaFPV 2S 350mAh 35C (2-pack)

    The perfect battery for the Beta75X! Learn More

    7 available

  • Tattu 2S 650mAh 75C

    Top quality UAV LiPo battery pack provides 650mAh at a maximum discharge rate of 75C, chargeable at up to 2C Learn More

    3 available

  • TBS Graphene 2S 300mAh 80C LiHV

    TBS Graphene - with lots of it inside, seriously! It's the pack to get you through your training runs economically! Learn More

    9 available

  • Gens Ace 2S 520mAh 30C

    High quality battery pack for the EMAX Babyhawk Learn More

    3 available

8 Item(s)

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