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The X6 has a big brother! Don't worry though, it's not much bigger physically - but it does up the charge stakes significantly, with 1100W of potential output and capability to handle packs up to 8S.

The X8 is capable of a full 30A rate on LiPos up to 8S. With a balance current of a full 2A, charges will finish faster than ever. The full color IPS display provides a wealth of information at a glance, using the operating system perfected on the larger Duo iChargers.

The X8 can charge at up to 30A, and it can also discharge at up to 30A! While similar size chargers limit their discharge capabilities, the X8 offers iCharger's trademark support for regenerative discharge, allowing the charger to provide a full 1100W of discharge capability when powered from a suitable battery bank.

Despite its small size and low price, this is still a full featured iCharger, with multi-chemistry support and all the depth of settings you've come to expect, including an improved software interface for recording battery data and upgrading firmware.



Maximum Charge Power 1100W
Charge Current Range 0.05-30A
Discharge Current Range 0.05-30A
Input Voltage 9-49V DC
Input Current 35A
Maximum Discharge 50W
Maximum Regenerative Discharge 1100W
Maximum External Discharge 1000W
Current Drain For Balancing 2A
Balance Accuracy 10mV
LiPo/LiIo/LiFe 1-8S
NiCd/NiMh Cell Count 1-20S
Pb Battery Cell Count 1-12S
Intelligent Temperature Control Yes
PC Connectivity Micro USB
Dimensions 98x65x37mm
Weight 200g
Warranty 1 year


Customer Reviews (5)

X8 is pretty great Review by dustin
X8 is being used for estate/eboard battery packs. The display is very bright good resolution and has lots of well displayed info. Capable of doing discharge for 8s which is really important for me gives feed back like total time, discharged mah, internal cell impedance and can also do regenerative discharge which back feeds into your power supply pack which is near feature. Only bad thing I would say is the the jog wheel for menu selection is a bit odd with toggle up and down and push to enter but once you get used to it , it appears to be ok.
Would recommend either the x8 or x6 if you only need 6s capability.
Progressive was also really awesome to deal with to and got a very nice big sticker (Posted on 7/28/2020)
Nice bit of kit at a great priceReview by Mike
The 3 way knob only sticks some of the time if you inadvertently push it in while rotating at the same time. There are 3 actions. Push in. Turn "north". Turn "south".

I was a bit put off at 1st, but no way is this going back. Takes a little warming up to that's all.

I really like that you don't need a balance board. Just plug right in or use an extention cable if you prefer. (Posted on 7/8/2019)
Works good. would reccomend.Review by Les
I haven't used it a lot at this time, it is doing a great job at charging the batteries I need it to charge. (Posted on 6/9/2019)
30 Amp Charger For $130? Say It Ain't So!Review by Ryan
The Junsi iCharger X8 is the latest single port charger in the X series. When I first started looking for a new charger after having used an iCharger 306B for over 5 years of service, there was the precursor X6 around; however after talking to a representative here, I found out about this charging treasure of up to 30 Amps per charge for a price I could hardly believe. Though a bit smaller, it still has all needed info on one screen without having to hit a button. Speaking of buttons, this unit has none and doesn't need anything but the side selector dial and button all-in-one on the side. Plug in your male XT60 to female banana plug charge adapter (AC-MXFB) and male XT60 to male banana plug power adapter (AC-MXMB), along with your power supply and you are good to go. Toggling through the menu, it is a very user friendly charger. I would highly recommend this charging station to anyone looking for a single port charger that can take up to 8 cells and belt out the 30 Amp fast charge. Combine all this with the awesome customer service that Progressive RC has, and you have quite a deal. Two thumbs up. :D (Posted on 5/20/2019)
Small wonderReview by Rich
Yes this charger is tiny but it carries an big punch. Replaced my ISDT T8 and what a difference. I really like the software GUI and it just like its big brothers 4010 duel etc. the jog-dial has been improved using a larger wheel making it very easy to navigate. Very accurate right from the factory. I checked the IR readings against my calibrated device and the X8 was spot on!

If you are looking for a great and portable charger... this is the one to have. (Posted on 5/3/2019)

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