Mean Well RSP-1000-24 Power Supply

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Compact power supply provides 1000 watts, 42 amps, 24 volts, with active power factor correction

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One of the most respected names in the business, Mean Well have been making power supplies for almost 30 years.

The RSP-1000-24 is a very compact (just 41mm tall!) 1000 watt power supply that makes a great companion for a high-power charger. Combine it with an iCharger 306B, 3010B or 308Duo and charge 6S packs at a full 30A.



Output Power (110 VAC) 1000W
Output Power (220 VAC) 1000W
Output Voltage 24V DC (adjustable +/-10%)
Output Current 42A
Input Voltage 90-264V AC
Power Factor Correction >0.98
AC Power Cord Not included
Dimensions 295x127x41mm
Weight 1950g
Warranty 5 years
AC Cable Optional


Customer Reviews (6)

Power for DaysReview by Robert
Absolutely love it
If you have or want a badass charging setup you need power
and this does the job!
I am impressed in the short time I have had it and am looking forward to the years it powers my hobby! (Posted on 3/31/2020)
Perfect!Review by Steven
It's a Mean Well; what more needs to be said?! Perfect match for my iCharger 308 Duo and my charging needs. Runs cool and not much louder than my previous 600 watt Mean Well 24V/25A power supply. No doubt this power supply will meet my needs for the foreseeable future. (Posted on 10/2/2014)
Repeat CustomerReview by Jim F.
Building a third charging station... Great selection, quality products, competitive pricing, fast shipping and outstanding support. Can not think of a reason to shop elsewhere. (Posted on 3/2/2014)
One Mean PSReview by Marcos
This PS is simply amazing. Thin, powerful and has a build quality I had not seen in other power supplies. Very stable and hold voltage really well under load. Amazing product. (Posted on 3/3/2012)
Perfect fit for Hyperion 720 Duo 3Review by Scott
I was looking for a power supply to feed my power hungry Duo 3 - and this one is working out perfectly. I was a little worried that it would be too loud after reading some of the online heli forums - but I was pleasantly surprised that the noise level was very tolerable. It's definitely not silent (and quiet wouldn't be an appropriate term either) but it is not annoyingly loud or bothersome. The connections are trivially simple to hook up - and worked perfect with a handful of the other cables that I bought with it (Power supply to charge cable and power cord).

Power output is great and the form factor and hookups near perfect. I'd recommend this power supply - and pick it again. I chose this over the mealwell 1000 power supply after a lot of research showed that only this one will run properly off of a generator at the field and that this is a more efficient power supply with more tolerance of input. Since I was looking for a bullet proof solution, this seemed to be a far better choice.

Delivery speed / packaging was very good as well (fast with no damage).
(Posted on 2/23/2012)
Excellent Product and VendorReview by Mark
To summarize my experience with Progressive RC:

1. Came highly rcomended on RCGroups by many users.(I actually was not familliar with your company until Charles on RCGroups mentioned you and EP Buddy as reliable vendors - to be honest I liked your website better, I am sure EP Buddy is a fine outfit as well)

2. Very attractive and informative website - providing a link to the PSU manual was great , wish all etailers would do the same.

3. Telephone support was stellar - picked up on third ring, did not try to get rid of me on telephone or BS me -- answered every question I had and did not rush the conversation . I honestly believe you would have stayed on the line as long as I had questions . ( at this point I was just a noob on the phone and had not even placed an order yet)

4. Very competitive price I think I found it for $10.00 less at one place but they wanted a very large S&H charge (to be honest price was about 3rd or 4th on my list of purchase criteria). I also fond the exact same unit for $600.00 + S&H at a Boat/RV center. I am more than happy to pay a fair price (in this case lowest price) to deal with honest reputable vendors of which you clearly are.I woud have still purchased from you if you were $50.00 higher just because of the perfessionalism and courtesy treatment I received.

5. Shipping and Handling was dirt cheap $10.00 USPS and lightening fast.

6. I did add add rubber feet to the unit so as not to scratch up the bottom of unit on table tops.

7. I am not sure why cord was sold seperate - I dont imagine that many users have 3 prong power cords sitting around to use -- think it would be easier to add $10.00 to price and just include it. No big deal just a comment.

8 I probably spent more than a $100.00/$150.00 more than I had budgeted for but have no regrets since I felt and believe I was dealing with a very reputable vendor. I also believe if I have questions or warranty issues ProgresiveRC will handle them with the same professionalism they did with the sale.

9.. I am a ver "happy camper" and will recomend you to anyone who asks for a good place to purchase a PSU or charger from

10. ProgressiveRC is proof that etailers are every bit as good as brick and morter and in your case better. If I tried to buy this through a local hobby shop-- I would have paid more, had less knowledabble people to talk to and almost certainly had to wait longer for the item plus make a second trip to pickup item at store..

11. In my book you are doing everything right and am very pleased to have done business with you and plan to do so in the future.


Mark (Posted on 4/23/2011)

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