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Parallel (4x) Banana Plug Splitter

  • For connecting up to 4 chargers to one power supply
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Our parallel cables allow you to make the best use of your available power. Constructed from the highest quality materials, they give you the best connection possible every time.

Connect up to four chargers to the same power supply with this splitter cable, or alternatively you could use it to connect four charge leads to your charger and charge in parallel.


  • Input Connector: Male 4mm Banana Plug
  • Output Connectors: Female Banana Plugs
  • Wire Type: 10 AWG Silicone
  • Length: 10"
  • Max. Current Rating: 40A


Customer Reviews (3)

Parallel (4x) Banana Plug SplitterReview by Nuts-n-Volts
Very heavy duty and well made. Should never have a problem with these plugs. (Posted on 3/6/2020)
Unique high quality productReview by EB
Couldn’t find anything suitable anywhere else. (Posted on 10/22/2019)
You get the best without any worry of sub-par product. Review by Andrew
This was an impulse buy. I've been having trouble acquiring quality 4mm power banana plugs to put together my own charging cables and adapters. I have been unsuccessful at finding the same quality of banana jacks that progressive RC uses with the larger diameter wires. 12 gauge, 14, 16, is acceptable for higher amperage. It's been easy to find the quality silicone cable to use for this purpose but the male banana jacks, and the corresponding female banana jacks with the hard rubber insulation are next to impossible to locate. It's always some cheap reproduction part that doesn't have the attention to detail like quality insulation and soft pliable strands of copper. These Progressive RC power cables are of the best I've ever used. The attention to quality and detail is the best in the industry and the price is better than at least half of the sub par products out there. This means you will get a good deal in cost, and the best deal in performance, longevity, and of course power handling. These are the best. I wish I knew where the leads and adapters could be sourced from, as I'd like to put together a few custom power leads without all the extra connectors and such. They're the best. Buy it. You will be unable to find something that dissatisfies. (Posted on 7/18/2017)

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