2S-10S Charger Interface Panel

Panel-mount board to relocate charger connections

This 2S-10S JST-XH Charger Interface Panel (or CIP) provides a set of balance connectors, a main connector, and room for a set of banana plugs (available separately). This product is made to be mounted underneath or on top of many surfaces and panels, such as our ProgressiveRC Case decks, and provides a full relocation of the charger outputs with a full balance board as well as a main charge connector - choose from EC5, XT60, XT90, or bare wire leads. 

Add a set of banana plugs to the board and you'll be able to use any standard charge cable for any other connector. You can also use this method to connect any parallel boards or cables when charging one battery just isn't enough! 

Installation Note: When using with banana plug posts, ensure both plastic spacers of the banana plug binding posts are above the circuit board - do not use a spacer below the board.

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