5x Single Cell Multi-Charge Cable
5x Single Cell Multi-Charge Cable
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5x Single Cell Multi-Charge Cable

Uniquely designed cable gives you 5 charging options

Our main charge leads are constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure that you get the best connection possible every time you charge your batteries.

This unique design of multi-charge cable cuts through the confusion of the different connectors widely used on single cell LiPos. You can stop worrying about having the right connector, because now you have them all! Plus, the cable is wired in parallel, so it's a snap to charge multiple batteries at once even with different connectors.
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Input Connector (Cable) Male 4mm Banana Plug
Output Connector (Cable) Female JST, Pico, JST-PH (mCP X), Walkera, Micro Losi
Current Rating 4A
Gauge (Wire) 18 AWG Silicone Main Lead, 22/24 AWG Silicone Individual Leads
Length (Wire) 6"

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