Chargery S1500 Power Supply
Chargery S1500 Power Supply
Chargery S1500 Power Supply
Chargery S1500 Power Supply
Chargery S1500 Power Supply
Chargery S1500 Power Supply
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Chargery S1500 Power Supply

Solidly built and high-powered, this power supply provides up to 1500W output with adjustable voltage from 10-30V DC

High-powered and hobby ready, with three sets of banana plug jacks and one high-current XT90 output, the S1500 is ready to power up anything you can throw at it.

An input voltage range of 90-265V makes it ready for worldwide use with no modification needed, and the DC output is just as flexible: simply turn the dial to adjust the voltage to suit your setup - digital readouts give you an instant look at your output voltage and current.

Active power factor correction and a robust frame makes this a great power supply to take to the field and use with a generator.
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Input Voltage 90-265V AC
Dimensions 252x145x68mm
Power Cord Included
Current (Output) 60A
Output Power (110 VAC) 1500W
Output Power (220 VAC) 1500W
Voltage (Output) 10-30V DC
Power Factor Correction >0.98
Warranty 2 years
Weight 2300g

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Going Strong After One Year of Use

Everyone else here has pretty much covered the details, i just wanted to add a +1 to the list. i run it at 500W average power running two 4010 Duos. i have ~500 documented charge cycles to date (July of 2020) this calendar year and probably about the same in 2019 when i bought it.

One thing i can add is i would advise storing it inside or letting it come up to temp if it's stored in a cold garage before you use it. This winter i used it right from the 40 degree garage and you could hear the temp control relays clacking away (i assume) and was worried i was killing it. It never faulted or gave any indication of problems and once i kept it indoors prior to use it behaved nominally.

i store it in a Pelican type case along with a charger and treat it with above average care. (No banging it around, try to always use it in the shade, avoid dusty areas, etc.)

In all, one of the best RC accessories i've ever purchased since starting this hobby in 1987. (The 4010 Duos are right up there too.)

Great power supply

Just received this unit and so far it’s working great. I will do another review when I’ve used it over a period of time. Progressive RC is the best, great sales and service team. Been buying from them for a long time and will continue to do that.

Died 27 months after purchase

Worked great until it died 3 months past the end of the warranty period. Will not buy one of these again. I'll stick with Iota. I have one of those that is 15 years old and still works perfectly.

The S1500 is an ultra premium power supply

I've owned an S1500 for 2'ish years now. Recently have been running it @ its rated capacity of ~1500w with a single 406 Duo attached, running both channels at 30 amps charging 4x 6S 5000mah packs (2P6S config per channel).
The included output cable gets nice and warm after several minutes at ~60 amps, which is surprising considering it is 10 AWG.
The cooling fans even at this power level are not obnoxiously loud and are silent or very quiet at lower power outputs.
The display showing watts, volts, and and temp is the bees knees. I like to know what is going on and this feature was one of my main purchase reasons. As well, the adjustable voltage, has been handy a few times when using an older Hyperion charger that only supports 12v inputs, Although it is a bit clunky to adjust the output voltage.
The power-on beep is quite obnoxious. Not sure why a beep is needed at all or why it is like 5 seconds long and ear piercing. Shame. Good news: It only happens when AC power is applied and not when you turn the unit on with the buttons on the front.
The build quality and aesthetics are great.
The chassis stays warm even when not delivering any juice, which prompted me to measure its power consumption
Plugged in and not on: ~2W
On but not powering anything: 11W
I would remove power to it when not using it.

I've had a ton of power supplies, having been in RC since the late 80's and this is by far the best, and with any luck the last one I will every buy.


Matching a power supply to a PL8 v2 and all the power lab supplies were sold out across the internet. Chose this unit and have been very impressed. Can turn it on and off. Fans only come on when unit gets warm enough. Fan noise is less than others at the field. Have had compliments from other pilots. Unit appearance is finished and clean unlike other supplies available. Price was on par with comparable units. No complaints.

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