Female EC3 to Male T-Plug
Female EC3 to Male T-Plug
Female EC3 to Male T-Plug
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Female EC3 to Male T-Plug

  • Converts an EC3 charge lead to a T-Plug connection for charging or discharging

Female EC3 to Male T-Plug

Our cables are constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure that you get the best connection possible every time you power up.

This small adapter cable allows you to convert an EC3 charge lead to a T-Plug connection as easily as plugging in the connector - no messy soldering required!

  • Input Connector: Female EC3 (female housing with male bullets inside)
  • Output Connector: Male T-Plug
  • Wire Type: 14 AWG Silicone
  • Length: 2"

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Customer Reviews

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female ec3 to male t-plug

perhaps nomenclature in the NW is not very perceptive, maybe even a little fuzzy. to me a female connector is a receptacle.
I quote MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARY 3 : an electrical fitting containing the live parts of a circuit. the connector on the battery that I am holding with an ec3 connector has receptacles to accept male bullets. I have no use for these they will go into my junk bin

ProgressiveRC Comment: Electrical terminals are what we are discussing, not the fitting or metal contact. Many connectors in our hobby include a mix of male and female internal parts, in fact in most larger connectors there is some mix of male and female internal parts. For this reason any electrical connectors they are designated by the largest outer receptacle/housing. We make all efforts to be accurate and consistent. We apologize for any confusion and please see our blog post on this subject here:

A great member of our Community!!

I'm proud to tell everyone that this product is produced with quality.It also is backed by a First Rate company which ALL companies should take notes on your Business model. Thanks.

I also ordered wrong one

so I returned it and got credit . If you click on the item on the page it opens and gives the description as to having female or male bullets , but I didn't do that , I just figured female bullets was a female plug . I think anyone in the hobby probably knows that , but I'm a newcomer . I perfectly understand all plugs now . because of the comment from progressiverc about plugs are reffered to by their protective housing holding the conducting terminals .

The EC3 gender is actually MALE

There's nothing wrong with this product except that it isn't what it says it is.

Hopefully this review will prevent someone from the annoyance I felt from having purchased this connector.

The product description says the EC3 portion this connector is FEMALE but the gender is actually MALE.The product picture unfortunately does not reveal this.

ProgressiveRC Comment: There is often confusion on connector nomenclature, we are very consistent on our site. To be clear: all connectors are designated by the housing, not the bullets or other pins inside of the housing. One good reason for this is that some connectors have one male and one female type bullet inside. The photos on our site should clear up any confusion on this as they clearly show the housing type. For EC3 or EC5 connectors the smaller male housing is on the battery side with female bullets in the housing, while the charge or ESC side connector would use the larger female housing with male bullets inside.

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