FrSky RX4R 16-Channel Receiver
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FrSky RX4R 16-Channel Receiver

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Smaller, longer range version of the legendary X4R receiver

The RX4R is a standalone receiver with all the functions of the original X4R-SB. It features 4 PWM outputs with high precision and low latency 9ms less than that of the X4R in high speed mode. The RX4R also supports the redundancy function, which means you can add another receiver as a back-up in case the first one fails. Last but not least, the RX4R and the whole RX-line has a 40% increased operating range compared to the previous X series receivers.
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Input Voltage 3.5-10V DC
Dimensions 18x17x7mm
Current Draw 100mA @ 5V
Weight 2.4g including antennas
Number of Channels 16 (1-4 from PWM, 1-16 from SBUS)
Operating Range >2km
Transmitter Compatibility FrSky ACCST or ACCESS

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