IOTA IQ Smart Charger for DLS Series - IQ4
IOTA IQ Smart Charger for DLS Series - IQ4
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IOTA IQ Smart Charger for DLS Series - IQ4

Smart Charge Controller for IOTA's DLS line of power supplies enables them to provide automatic three-stage battery charging of lead acid batteries

Along with being high-quality power supplies, IOTA's DLS series can also be used directly as battery chargers for lead-acid batteries. The IQ4 Smart Charger adds a layer of control to a DLS being used as a battery charger, enabling it to automatically provide a three-stage charge, increasing the charging capacity of the DLS charger and decreasing charge times, insuring proper and safe battery charging and minimizing over-charging.

The IQ4 Smart Charger is ideal for batteries that are not in use for months at at time by providing a charge cycle approximately every seven days. This promotes longer life of the battery by reducing "sulfating" of the plates.
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Dimensions 54x33x20mm
Weight 32g

Customer Reviews

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IOTA IQ Smart Charger for DLS

Works great! Good company to buy from!

too soon to know

It installed just fine and appears to be working. It will take time, month, to determine if it is protecting the battery from over charging.


Great product, does what it is supposed to do. Wish it came with a longer cable so that it could be mounted for visibility to the status LED.

In control

Purchased a pre-owned 5th wheel and in looking around at the electrical, I noticed the 12 volt converter was replaced and had a small telephone like connector. Looked into the brand name and went to Iota's website.

A little research later, I find that my Iota DLS-55 was capable of using an external upgraded brain. It can be even smarter than it already is! Now it's a 4 level charger. Found one online and it works great inline with my Trimetric 2030-RV.

Quite happy so far. After just spending over $500 on batteries, it's good to know the charging is more controlled and will help preserve my battery investment. I understand they're both covered by a 2 year warranty, so a piece of mind is included too.

Works great

Easy to install. Fired right up and started taking care of my batteries. What more could you ask for?

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