JR Male-to-Male for FMA PowerLab Expansion Mode
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JR Male-to-Male for FMA PowerLab Expansion Mode

  • JR Extension cable for PowerLab Expansion Mode

JR 2-Way Splitter for FMA PowerLab Expansion Mode

Our cables are constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure that you get the best connection possible every time.

This extension cable, in conjunction with FMA's JR splitter cable, is designed to allow you to connect two PowerLab chargers together in Expansion Mode, giving you the ability to control both PowerLabs through one interface.

As you can see in this wiring diagram, you would plug the splitter into your primary PowerLab. To its first output you would connect the FMA USB adapter, allowing you to interface with a PC; to its second output you would connect your secondary PowerLab, using this male-to-male JR extension cable.

  • Input Connector: Male JR Servo
  • Output Connector: Male JR Servo
  • Length: 12"

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