JST-XH Modular Balance Board
JST-XH Modular Balance Board
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JST-XH Modular Balance Board

  • This JST-XH module lets you connect two 2S-8S packs in parallel. Use it alone or as part of a larger modular setup!

JST-XH Modular Balance Board

The latest revolution in parallel charging, our modular charge boards let you create the parallel board that you need. Mix and match any combination of main and balance connectors, and daisy-chain as many boards together as you need, with the added benefit of fuse protection for every connection.

This JST-XH Modular Balance Board gives you two sets of JST-XH 2S-8S balance ports wired in parallel, and is ready to attach to any of our modular charge boards to create a fully customized parallel charging system. Connect it directly to your charger to charge two packs in parallel, or combine it with other modular boards to create one larger parallel board. With connections rated for charge rates up to 40A, you'll never go back to charging single batteries again.

To connect this board to your charger, you'll need a balance adapter lead to connect the 8S connector on the board to the balance port of your charger. Or if you already have another modular board, just connect to the female balance port on that board to daisy-chain them together - no matter how many you connect together, you'll always need just one hookup to your charger.

  • Balance Input Connectors: JST-XH 2S-8S
  • Balance Output Connector: 9-pin connector with standard JST-XH spacing
  • Board Dimensions: 115 x 80 x 18mm

NOTE: If you don't see your charger listed in the adapter cables above, simply select the iCharger 106B/206B/306B option and you'll be able to plug in to the 6S slot of your JST-XH balance board.
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Customer Reviews

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Super service

JST-XH Modular Balance Board

I bought this board to replace one in my charger case that burned up. The other board did not burn up because of poor quality, or any fault of Progressive RC or the manufacturer,. It was 100% my fault. These boards work flawlessly, and I am very happy with them. Five stars.

Modular solution

I was finally able to solve my own custom battery charging needs, using this great new modular system. Great product!

Innovative product!

This is an excellent product, well thought out and very high quality components! It integrates perfectly with the matching modular charge boards, and is easily expandable. This really helped my first attempt at parallel charging be a hassle-free experience. Great service and fast shipping from ProgressiveRC!

JST-XH Modular Balance Board SKU: AC-MBBX

Fast delivery and high quality components. Needed these balance boards to allow balance charging of 7S Lipo packs with an I Charger DUO 4010. IR readings on the charger are a little higher than the stock I charger balance boards. They work great for larger size packs.
Progressive website needs to be more clear on how to order these boards to get the right balance leads ordered. Overall great equipment for a reasonable price.

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