KBDD 72.5mm Extreme Edition Tail Blades for 500 Helis

Upgrade your heli with these high quality tail blades from KBDD
$9.99 $1.99

KBDD's uniquely designed tail blades are a huge upgrade over your stock rotors. The air foil pulls the air back together to allow the following tail blade to cut through clean, less disturbed air, making the tail blades more effective. The airfoil also has a larger surface area which moves more air than longer tail blades.

KBDD's tail blades offer the performance of carbon fiber but are much more durable and cost far less. When cost performance and durability are considered, these tail blades are the best on the market. Tail blades of the same size can be mixed as they weigh the same - try mixing colors to make your helicopter unique!

  • Weight: 2.7g
  • Length: 72.5mm
  • Root Size: 4
  • Color: Yellow, Orange, Green, Black, White, Blue
  • Intended Model: 500 size Helis

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