Lumenier QAV-X Charpu Racing Quad Frame Kit (3mm)

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  • Unibody carbon fiber frame has the bare essentials for a true racing machine

The Lumenier QAV-X CHARPU FPV racing quadcopter is a symmetrical, light weight, super stiff, finely tuned X-frame designed for high performance FPV Drone Racing. The QAV-X was created in collaboration with and named after the world famous FPV pilot Charpu. This racing airframe is stripped down to the bare essentials without sacrificing strength and durability. This version features the ultra-light 3mm carbon fiber main unibody plate.

The QAV-X features a unique FPV camera and HD mounting system. The FPV camera is recessed partially below the top plate and protected by the top cross bar, guarding your electronics. At the same time, the camera side walls act as an angled wedge to set your HD camera on for recording, such as a GoPro, at a 35 degree angle. No need to 3D print custom mounts to angle up your camera anymore, just add some of the included neoprene foam, securely strap down your camera and fly!

The main "unibody" 3mm plate is CNC milled out of a solid sheet of premium carbon fiber. The outer weave of the carbon fiber runs 100% down each arm of the QAV-X (0/90 weave), maximizing the strength of the carbon and arms. The center layers are offset at 45 degrees providing even and balanced strength throughout the entire plate.

The top plate includes an accessory antenna extension plate, allowing for multiple cable ties to lock down your antenna in place. No more damaging the SMA connection on your VTX. The top plate also has a cutout allowing access to your VTX button and LED displays for easy channel adjustment. The balancing bumps on the sides of the top plate make it easy to measure the center of gravity on your frame in the field to get the perfect balance.

Each kit includes a carbon fiber battery protector plate. The airframe is designed to strap a LiPo battery to the bottom, leaving the battery exposed during a hard landing or crash. Use this included plate to wrap underneath the battery, sandwiching the pack between the main plate and protector plate. Additionally, you can use the included Neoprene foam to create a landing pad on the bottom of the battery protector plate. This will help keep the airframe upright during take off and landings.

The airframe comes with high quality aluminum hardware. All screws are premium, black oxide steel. The spacers have a textured grip surface treatment, which facilitates holding of the spacers during assembly and servicing of the airframe. The spacers are also 28mm tall vs the standard 35mm. This gives the airframe a sleek, low profile look.

Included with the QAV-X Charpu kit is the popular Lumenier 4Power power distribution board which can be fitted with an optional Pololu voltage drop-down circuit (to 12V or 5V), as well as an XT60 pig-tail. Like the QAV210/180, the QAV-X kit enables mounting of small FPV cameras in a fully encased assembly which protects the FPV camera during crashes and enables pointing the FPV camera at a wide variety of viewing angles.

Frame Kit Includes:
  • 3mm carbon fiber unibody main plate
  • 2mm carbon fiber top plate
  • 1.5mm carbon fiber antenna plate
  • 2x 1.5mm carbon fiber camera sidewall plates
  • 1.5mm HD camera mounting plate
  • 1.5mm Battery protector plate
  • Set of black steel screws and aluminum hardware including knurled spacers
  • Lumenier 4Power Power distribution board + 3mm spacer / screw set
  • Set of 6mm black polyamide spacers / screws for flight controller
  • XT-60 Pig-Tail
  • 2x Neoprene foam tape
  • Lumenier small lipo strap
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Dimensions 214mm (motor to motor)
Net Weight 72g (77g with battery protector plate)
Fuselage Thickness 3mm
Arm Thickness 3mm

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