Matek 1.3GHz 630mW Video Transmitter
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Matek 1.3GHz 630mW Video Transmitter

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Go long-range without the bulk with this slim 1.3GHz VTX - antenna included!

Low frequency doesn't have to mean bigger equipment - go long range without the bulk and weight with this 1.3GHz VTX from Matek.

Weighing in at just 9g, this transmitter offers all the features you want - wide input voltage range, easy button control and LED indicators, built-in mic - it even includes an antenna!

Note: This is the US version, limited to broadcasting on two specific frequencies.

NOTE: An antenna must be installed properly before power is applied to the transmitter. Powering on without a correctly installed antenna may easily burn the transmitter. Power spikes from other components such as ESCs can also damage the transmitter if powered directly from battery voltage. Such damage will not be covered under warranty.

Video Transmission Legality: The use and operation of this product in the USA and many other countries may require a license. Some countries may not allow its use at all. In the USA you must have a HAM radio license to use this transmitter above the 25mW power level. It is the responsibility of the end user to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of their government.

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Power 630mW
Input Voltage 6-36V DC
Dimensions 36x21.5mm
Connector (Antenna) SMA
Frequency 1258MHz, 1280MHz
Video Format NTSC/PAL
Weight 9g (without antenna)

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