Safe Parallel Board for 6S JST-XH & EC5
Safe Parallel Board for 6S JST-XH & EC5
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Safe Parallel Board for 6S JST-XH & EC5

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  • Easily charge and balance up to four 6S JST-XH & EC5 batteries in parallel

Safe Parallel Board for 6S JST-XH & EC5

Working with big 6S packs? Cut the clutter and get the one board that's designed specifically for your application.

Designed from the ground-up with one purpose, this board is as straightforward as we could make it, with EC5 and 6S JST-XH connectors for up to four packs in parallel. With fuse protection on both the main and balance connections, you can rest easy knowing that all your gear is protected from any short circuits. 40A blade fuses on the main circuits are easily replaceable if needed, while the balance circuits have self-resetting poly-fuses built into the board.

With both main and balance cables included to connect to whatever charger you're using, this is a true plug-and-play solution.

  • Max Charge Rate: 40A per battery
  • Charge Input Connectors: Female EC5 (female housing with male bullets inside)
  • Balance Input Connectors: Female JST-XH (6S)
  • Charge Output Connector: Male EC5
  • Balance Output Connector: Male JST-XH (6S)
  • Wire Type: 12 AWG Silicone
  • Wire Length: 8"
  • Board Dimensions: 140x68x17mm

NOTE: If you don't see your charger listed in the adapter cables above, simply select the iCharger 106B/206B/306B option and you'll be able to plug in to the 6S slot of your JST-XH balance board.

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