Tattu 2S 650mAh 75C
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Tattu 2S 650mAh 75C

Top quality UAV LiPo battery pack provides 650mAh at a maximum discharge rate of 75C, chargeable at up to 2C

Tattu batteries are designed specifically for the demands of the latest UAVs. Whether you are racing, flying for commercial or military applications, or just having fun in the park, Tattu packs provide more flight time, more enjoyment, and more satisfaction, with less weight and a simple design. Less is truly more.

This pack comes pre-equipped with an XT30 connector, no soldering required! With a maximum discharge rate of 75C, this 2S 650mAh pack is ready to give you all the power you need, whatever your application.

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Dimensions 57x31x12mm
Balance Connector 2S JST-XH
Voltage (Battery) 7.4V
Charge Lead (Main) XT30, 16 AWG Silicone Wire
Discharge (Max) 75C (48.75A)
Weight 43g

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