TBS Powercube FPVision
TBS Powercube FPVision
TBS Powercube FPVision
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TBS Powercube FPVision

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The TBS Powercube FPVision combines an 800mW-capable Unify Pro, a fully customizable OSD, and a TBS DC regulator.

The TBS Powercube FPVision combines a powerful 800mW capable Unify Pro, the capabilities of the full-graphic Core Pro OSD, a 250A current sensor, and a TBS DCDC V2 all in one 36mm x 36mm PDB. All at an incredibly low weight of 8.6g, the POWERCUBE FPVision is the next step in FPV racing integration.

The TBS Powercube FPVision is the epitome of miniaturization. With the goal of reducing all-up-weight and wire spaghetti in drone racing, this masterpiece completely disappears on the FC-stack, and it takes a lot of components with it! But unlike similar solutions already out there, it doesn't actually compromise on performance!

With a full-graphics OSD, the possibilities are endless. Nice analog "fuel" gauges, different size text and fonts, clean and readable menus! The Powercube FPVision lets you use RC Stick commands (BST or Colibri FC required) to customize all aspects of your on-screen display, as well as tune your flight control (Colibri FC required).

With the UNIFY PRO, TBS has created the best VTx for FPV Racing. The FPVision builds on the success of that, and takes it even further. With peak values well beyond 1400mW, the VTx will settle on a stable 800mW and more if really necessary, or whisper on a precise 25mW when needed. With full integration, features such as PitMode really shine.

While the camera technology keeps evolving, one thing remains the same: Less than ideal settings for weather and time of day require you to modify the settings according to the situation, often between races! To make this process effortless, you can navigate the camera menu through your R/C sticks. And if that wasn't enough, the 2nd camera port allows you to switch between 2 views!

Package includes: TBS Powercube FPVision, Terminating plastic shoe to isolate the standoffs, Mounting Adhesive, Mounting screws and standoffs, BST cable, SMA U.FL Pigtail, RP-SMA U.FL Pigtail, XT60 Pigtail, Standard RC input cable, LED pigtail, 5V Video transmitter pigtail (Compatible with all TBS VTx), 12V Camera cable, Buzzer, Spektrum cable.

NOTE: An antenna must be installed properly before power is applied to the transmitter. Powering on without a correctly installed antenna may easily burn the transmitter. Power spikes from other components such as ESC's can also damage the transmitter if powered directly from battery voltage. Such damage will not be covered under warranty.

Video Transmission Legality: The use and operation of this product in the USA and many other countries may require a license. Some countries may not allow its use at all. In the USA you must have a HAM radio license to use this transmitter above the 25mW power level. It is the responsibility of the end user to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of their government.

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Power 25 - 800mW, 163A-250A peak throughput current sensor
Input Voltage 2S-6S LiPo
Dimensions 36mm x 36mm x 6mm
Connector (Antenna) SMA and RP-SMA u.FL pigtails included
Frequency 5.8GHz
Video Format Full Graphic OSD

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