ToolPAC PRO32 Smart Soldering Tool Set
ToolPAC PRO32 Smart Soldering Tool Set
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ToolPAC PRO32 Smart Soldering Tool Set

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Portable DC soldering iron for quick repairs in the field

The Pro32 is a staple tool for the hobbyist, tinkerer, or electrical engineer. Featuring a sleek body, complete with temperature adjustment buttons and an OLED display, the Pro32 feels good in the hand and offers a wide temperature range for operation. Its internal heating element warms up to operating temperature in just 12 seconds!

With the help of dual temperature sensors, the internal heating element reaches its operating temperature extremely fast—just 12 seconds! The tip temperature can be set between 212° F and 752° F (100° C to 400° C) using the adjustment buttons and OLED display.

The Pro32 features an integrated DC5525 12-24V connection. Its anti-static design isolates the temperature sensors from extraneous surges. The sleek, slim design is comprised of an SAE 304 stainless steel core, housed inside a polycarbonate shell with an easy-to-read OLED display. The integrated STM32 processor chip automatically regulates the Pro32’s “sleep mode”, “standby”, and “operating mode”, ensuring the safety of the user.


  • 1 x Pro 32 Digital LCD Soldering Iron
  • 1 x PR-B2 Solder Tip
  • 1 x PR-BC2 Solder Tip
  • 1 x Allen Key (For replace the tips and heating element)
  • 1 x 19V/2.1A 100-240V Power Supply
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Input Voltage 12-24V DC
Dimensions 96x16.5mm

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