Universal Modular Charge Board
Universal Modular Charge Board
Universal Modular Charge Board
Universal Modular Charge Board
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Universal Modular Charge Board

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  • This module lets you connect two packs in parallel, using whatever connectors you choose to solder on to the leads. Use it alone or as part of a larger modular setup!

Universal Modular Charge Board

The latest revolution in parallel charging, our modular charge boards let you create the parallel board that you need. Mix and match any combination of main and balance connectors, and daisy-chain as many boards together as you need, with the added benefit of fuse protection for every connection.

This Universal Modular Charge Board gives you two sets of bare wire leads wired in parallel, for you to solder on any connector you need. Ready to attach to any of our modular balance boards, it's easy to create a fully customized parallel charging system. Connect it directly to your charger to charge two packs in parallel, or combine it with other modular boards to create one larger parallel board. With connections rated for charge rates up to 40A, you'll never go back to charging single batteries again.

To connect this board to your charger, you'll need a basic XT60 Charge Cable to go from the XT60 output to your charger's banana plugs. Or if you already have another modular board, just connect to the female XT60 on that board to daisy-chain them together - no matter how many you connect together, you'll always need just one hookup to your charger.

  • Charge Input Connectors: 12 AWG Bare Wire Leads
  • Bare Wire Lead Length: 5cm
  • Charge Output Connector: Male XT60
  • Board Dimensions: 80 x 48 x 35mm

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