XTAR PB2 Li-Ion Charger & Power Bank
XTAR PB2 Li-Ion Charger & Power Bank
XTAR PB2 Li-Ion Charger & Power Bank
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XTAR PB2 Li-Ion Charger & Power Bank

Customizable multi-purpose power bank
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Take control of your power with the revolutionary new PB2 Charger & Power Bank from XTAR.

By using replaceable 18650 cells, the PB2 is already a step above most power banks - choose the cells that match your budget and needs, swap them in and out as needed - but that's just half of its functionality. It's also a 2-bay charger for those same 18650s, able to charge one cell at 2A, or two cells simultaneously at 1A each.

On top of this paradigm shift in design, XTAR has as usual thrown in a few more neat tricks: 0V activation lets you bring back cells that most people would just throw away; their unique power management system lets you charge the 18650 cells and a USB device at the same time if needed, and you don't have to worry about turning it on or off either - just plug in and charge.
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Input Voltage 5V
Dimensions 110x51x24mm
Input Current 2.1A
Li-Ion Compatible Cells 18650 (unprotected)
Li-Ion Cut-Off Voltage 4.2V
Supported Chemistries Li-Ion
USB Cable Included
Weight 55g
Charge Current Range 1A/2A

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