TBS Unify 2G4 800mW Video Transmitter

Long range, high power, small form factor

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The latest and greatest 2G4 video transmitter from the leaders in long range technology. A successor to the widely popular TBS Tuned Lawmate 2G4 VTx with 16ch and 800mW of output power.

This new line of video transmitters has been optimized for long range and small form factor, completely redesigned and tailored for FPV use. Perfect for small multi rotor platforms or in applications where flight times are critical. It obviously works on big platforms too! The transmitter is protected by a rugged aluminum case that also acts as heat sink, making it extremely reliable, robust and crash-friendly.

If you're into customization, this video transmitter is also for you! You can pop the PCB out of the case, solder on a tin shield and save yet another few grams and a few millimeters off the edges. We're into multirotors just like you, and we know the difference this can make!

NOTE: An antenna must be installed properly before power is applied to the transmitter. Powering on without a correctly installed antenna may easily burn the transmitter. Power spikes from other components such as ESC's can also damage the transmitter if powered directly from battery voltage. Such damage will not be covered under warranty.

Video Transmission Legality: The use and operation of this product in the USA and many other countries may require a license. Some countries may not allow its use at all. In the USA you must have a HAM radio license to use this transmitter above the 25mW power level. It is the responsibility of the end user to comply with all applicable laws and regulations of their government.



Frequency 16 channels, 2370-2510MHz
Video Format PAL/NTSC
Input Voltage 5V
Antenna Connector SMA
Dimensions 37x26x8mm
Weight 14.4g without antenna


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Excellent service, no BS.Review by Zoltar
Besides the already top quality products ProgressiveRC carrys, their customer service is second to none. Great communication and fast response on shipping was also great. Coast to coast shipment and I recieved it a day earlier than projected. ProgressiveRC will definitely be at the top of my list on places to check when I'm in the market for something. Thanks again! (Posted on 4/19/2019)

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