TBS Unify Pro Nano & Crossfire Nano Receiver Mounting Board

Tidy up your builds! Cleanly secure a TBS Unify Pro Nano as well as a Crossfire Nano receiver on this single board in your stack. Neat!
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The Nano-Nano board was designed to allow you to mount your Team BlackSheep Unify Pro Nano VTX in your stack for cleaner builds. This board includes holes that are compatible with (but not limited to) most receivers such as the FrSky XM+ and Team BlackSheep Crossfire Nano. Once the VTX is soldered into the cutout on the board, the breakout pads on the side allow for full access to your VTX.

If your camera uses 5V for power, you can solder your pigtail to the camera pads and allow the board to act as a pass through. After your VTX, camera, and receiver is installed, the 5V pad on the board will power all your components.

There are also two pads located on the side of the board to solder the button that's included with your Unify Nano. The button can be soldered top facing, side facing, or with wires to allow for access to the VTX from anywhere.

Note: If your receiver requires 3V, you will need to pull power from somewhere else. Do not solder in the 5V header if your receiver is not compatible. You can use the other plated through holes (1, 2, and ground) for your receiver still.



Dimensions 27x26mm (20x20mm holes)


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