60mm Fan for PRC Cases - 12V
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60mm Fan for PRC Cases - 12V

  • Force cool air through your case with this 12V fan


60mm Fan for PRC Hardline Cases

Sometimes there just isn't enough cool air to go around to keep your case setup cool. When you need to add forced ventilation, the more air you can move the better, but sometimes you just don't have room for a big fan. That's where this 60mm workhorse comes in.

This 60mm fan is designed to fit into our smaller case setups - run two of them together to provide all the cooling breeze your rig could want. Designed to run on 12V DC, these fans come with 12" wire leads terminating in a ring connectors that let you make an easy connection to your power supply. Recommended to be paired with a 50mm Fan Grill and the Fan Mounting Hardware for installation to our cases.

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