Product Spotlights

• For the ultimate portable solution take a look at our rugged PRC Hardline series cases.

• Check out our mCPx battery and blade combo!

• When you need to objectively compare battery performance, there's no better tool than the ESR Meter.

• A closer look at the popular Mean Well SE-1000-24 Power Supply.

• An introduction to the iCharger line.

• A look at the various types of main battery connectors.

• A closer look at the ProgressiveRC Soldering Stand.


• A demonstration of parallel charging using our Parallel (6x) Balance Adapter.

• More parallel charging, this time using a Parallel Charge Board to reduce the clutter of wires.

• A step-by-step walkthrough of how to update your iCharger.



• The first installment of Electric Power 101, our introduction to the fundamentals of electricity.

• Electric Power 102 focuses on Watts and internal resistance.